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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Marina Rees: Aow Winner 12! Nov 8th 2010

Congratualtions Marina Rees - Salon Contemporary's Artist of the Week!

A Few Facts About Marina:

If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

What sea creature are you most like?  Why?
Some days I feel as slow as a jellyfish, some days I feel as foreign as a narwhal, some days I feel as playful as an octopus.

What is your favourite food?
A tough question. Let's just say licorice just for this instance.

What is your favourite colour?
Blue. With a bit of green in it.

If you had to save only three of your possessions from a burning house, what would they be?
My husband, the laptop and my record player.

What ocean would you most like to sail/swim across?
North Sea. I heard there were sea serpents sightings over there...

What is your favourite mode of transport?  Why?
1 - It forces me to exercise 
2 - It is cheap 
3 - It is green

Marina recently graduated from an MA Fine Art at Wimbledone School of Art.  She has had great experience in developing and exhibiting her work, showing in many group exhibitions nationwide, working at a residency in Iceland and developing workshops for schools in Manchester.
Mussel Man, 2010

Whale Head Piece, 2010
Marina's practice is essentially derived from how the human response to the natural world is
transcribed in folklore and other cultural events. She is particularly interested in our perception
of marine life and how it affects both our past and present culture.

'Your Inner Fish', 2010

Within this research field Marina Rees is investigating the uncanny natures of anthropomorphism and zoomorphism, which have developed out of our efforts to communicate with and understand nature.

'Arctic Fox', egg shells, 2010

Sea Serpents, 2010
The use of natural material is an essential part of her work, as it plays a mediator role
between the man made and the natural, as well as reinforcing the authenticity she strives to
achieve when creating fake artefacts.
Polar Bear, 2010

Rees' work usually takes form in sculptures and installations, and has previously been embodied
into fake artefacts or/and representations of folkloric characters.
'Your Inner Fish'  Installation, with Mussel Man suit.
'Through my installations I hope to evoke the magic of hidden corners in our imagination, as
well as reuniting ourselves (romantically) with nature.'
View more of Marina's work on her website: 

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