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The exhibiting artists 'Artist of the Week: The Exhibition' are:
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Monday, 22 November 2010

Artist of the Week winner - Shaun Stamp!

CONGRATULATIONS to Shaun Stamp!  This weeks 'AOW'.  Shauns work is refreshingly innovative, intreguing and playful!

'Deadlock' 2010

Drawing on the ambiguous, Shaun Stamp explores theoretical collisions within the mechanics of industry and evolution, he reflects on engineering and construction as the form and basis to create sculpture, kinetic, ephemeral/performance and installation.  In 2008, he was selected  for ‘The Best Artists This Week on’ and picked for ‘Vote! Your Favourite Artworks on’ (selected by and art critic Laura Mclean-Ferris, art critic for the Tate Modern).

'Cyclus of Reinvention Installation view of Eduring love' 2010

In 2007, Stamp redefined the definition for the traditional process 'Oil Painting' by applying the word to his Vascellum Project works. His (Vascullum) artworks use pre-used automotive oils and engineering oils that see 'Oil Paintings' evolve over time.  His oil paintings are a mix between the traditional sense and contemporary exploration in aesthetics that amalgamate forms of painting and sculpture.

'Tank' 2010

'Tank' 2010

In juxtaposition to this exploration and obsession with shaping the world, 'Tank' forms part of a wider inquiry into themes of probability and chance.

Untitled Performance, 2010

Shaun Stamp’s work examines the human desire to understand the world and search for answers to human existence and development.

A decisive measure for infinite possibilities, 2010

Born in Cardiff, Shaun has exhibited in numerous solo shows both nationally and internationally.  His works have been published in the Independant and The Korea Times National Newspaper. 

Monoseduction, 2010

This year Stamp has undergone a residency in Yerevan, Armenia and The City of Enschede, Netherlands.  The work he produced at his time in both cities sensitively and accurately responded to the surroundings and culture.

He received his education in Sculpture at the Cardiff School of Art and Design (2008). Since his graduation, he has created artworks that are outdoor/environment, site specific, guerilla and performance in South Korea (Untitled performance 2009 and Sirens, Deok Je-do Island 2009), Netherlands (Zuiderval Project : Untitled, A decisive measure for infinite possibilities) and Armenia (Where's Charlie 2010, Around 4:30, maybe 5:00 2010).

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