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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

An Interview with Shaun Stamp

If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?


Your house is burning down - you have to save THREE things. What are they?
Depending if I was outside, I'd leave it all, but if inside, my tent,
laptop and coffee machine.

What was your number one highlight of your residency in Armenia?

In this case (I would say for me), it was the starting point on our
new project and the subjective conclusions towards the end, everything
else in between was experimenting and reaching towards tough decisions
through our dialogue, it changed in different environments.  When you
collaborate (especially for the first time with that person) using
different disciplines, this becomes the real test, it brought about
our last kinetic work that self-destructed.  When people came to our
show (Yerevan), over a period of our Kinetic installation slowly
destroyed, the work was intended to be ephemeral, but during the show
some people started running up to it, trying to save and reattach the
fallen pieces. This brought a new element that we didn’t perceive when
we had the idea, seeing this happening was extraordinary and gave us
new ideas for other participation projects, in the end we let viewers, students
and children intervene.  After the show we proposed to the (first
grade) students to deconstruct it, recycling the materials and to
reconstruct it into something new.

Name one thing you learnt about yourself whilst at your residency in
the Netherlands?

During my residence, I discovered the Dutch art/artist scene and
squatting scene, it has a strong network, which is looked at in a different
way to how the (I’m being general here) UK public sees it.  Since then
I've been look-out in London for a place to start...

What is your favourite colour?

For now, Blue

What do you like to read?
Without wanting to be too vague and difficult, books, (when at work)
audio books.

Are you superstitious?
I like to look on the edge of things. But ask me again in 5 years time.

Name one piece of art work you've seen recently that’s had a powerful
affect on you.  Why did you like it/dislike it and who was it by?
Right now the trouble maker Gustarv Metzger, his early works are
painting/drawing with acid and pioneer of auto-destruction, but
without giving away too much you should check out his current stuff.
But choosing ‘one’ is difficult because I recently saw a couple of
artists that really made me say… WOW!, when it comes to viewing their
work I take on a Neanderthal manner by simply just wanting to
experience the aesthetics, walking around there works.  Later, I
usually question there technique, like Alan Vegas' combination of
Music and Punk, Jean Tinguely MetaMatic machines, a series of
sculptures that play on the notion of physics, I questioned his use of
medium and motion,  his works are in a way, playfully kitsch and
nostalgic.  And Anish Kapoors temporary works in the Hyde park, while
as if not even trying, they seem to beam energy, they move like live
paintings…just stand in front of one. All three are very are
different, but all artists have played a major role in the
experimentation of my current work.

What is currently on your playlist?
All in all, some really good music and some really bad music.

Sweet or Savoury?

Which project of yours has been the biggest challenge...why?
Hard to say, every project seems to have its’ big challenges.

You favourite quote/motto that sums you up.
Recently I was in conversation with the very active Colombian artist,
professor and before that theatre and lawyer (and now mentor to me)
Danilo Duenas, he recently shared this quote by a Brazilian poet
before I set off for my artist-in-residence to (ex-soviet state)
Armenia; is the experimental exercise of reality. - Mario Pedrosa

Your number ONE gallery/location to display your work at.
The last location I eyed up was just on the Kings road in South Ken’,
it was to be my future residence (squat) but recently when I returned,
it had just begun demolishment (so if I find another place similar, a
large warehouse with no limits).

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