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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

An interview with Hester Jones - AoW, November 15th

What's your favourite girls name?As I don't particularly have any favourite names I'll choose the names of two artists I really admire so.... Sophie (Calle), the French artist...I like this name for it's meaning also which is Wisdom.

What's your favourite boys name?and Sidney (Nolan), the Australian artist whose work I love

If you could use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?A dreamer

Do you prefer film or theatre?Film

Are you a good cook?  If yes, what is your best meal? If no, what's your worst cooking disaster?Not really! Luckily my Brazilian husband is a great cook though! My worst cooking disaster was cooking pasta when I lived in Italy for Italians, as they are quite particular about their pasta - it has to be exactly right!

What made you want to become an artist/photographer?As I come from a fine art background, both parents are artists I suppose it was my destiny, at the age of 5 minutes old my father took my first portrait (see image below), and my mother inspired me more than anyone else to be an artist... I started photography quite late at the age of 30 when my father gave me one of his cameras a Nikon F3 whilst I lived in Napoli Italy, which was a very inspiring place to take photographs, and he said to himself "she won't have a clue how to use this camera" I have since proved him wrong!

Favourite memory from your time at the University of Bologna.  What did you study?Bologna is a magical city, I loved walking below all the porticos which serve as great concrete umbrellas when it's raining. I studied the Erasmas Language programme, whilst also researching for my thesis on one of the most amazing authors ever Italo Calvino. I also studied Neo-realist cinema so I have fond memories of watching such films as The Bicycle Thieves.

What's been your most successful/exciting exhibition/project so far?I would say the most successful project so far has been my most recent one CALL YOURSELF A MOTHER, the maternal and mother/child relationship is a subject I personally find very interesting and am continuing to research for new work I am making. As part of my final MA project it is has definitely so far been the most challenging. I recently took part in an exhibition called 'Home Truths' at the Brighton Photo Fringe which was a very exciting venture to be part of.

A Baby Hester

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