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Friday, 22 October 2010

Jung-Hua Liu: AoW Winner 9 - 18th Oct '10


A Few Facts About Liu 
When he saw the fascinating paintings
of Diego Velázquez as a child, Jung-Hua wanted to
become an artist and 'depict the inner nature from

the appearance', just like Velázquez. The artist would love
to display his works at the Tate Modern, to enable
people from all over the world to view his work.

The inventive PHD students favourite food is roast duck
with fried rice.
Favourite smell? Chinese tea. Jung
describes himself as complicated, and the best book
he has ever read is
"Norwegian wood" by Japanese
author - Haruki Murakam.
Walking 2
 Liu majored in anthropology and archaeology, and as a result is interested in the representation and materialisation of invisible landscapes in our daily life.  Jung-Hua's recent artworks were inspired by Taipei Wi-Fi Project. The artist has taken further this idea in four cities, including London, New York, Chicago and Hong Kong. Liu independantly collected BSSIDs and recorded moving routes, BSSIDs, dates and routes constitute the pieces.

To create artworks to express the ubiquitous Wi-Fi networks, Liu chose colour charts on webpages as the media. Colour is both of human and machine. In human societies, colours have their cultural and spiritual meaning; for machine, colours are sets of numbers and alphabets. Besides colours, a series of charts could be the beginning and the end. Webpage is the popular media to embody the imagination, especially dynamic pages in our contemporary societies. PHP, a script language, was employed to create my dynamic and colour chart artworks. Furthermore, the webpages were printed as posters to materialize Wi-Fi networks in tangible and touchable artworks.
Hong Kong

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