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Friday, 22 October 2010

Eleanor Barreau: AoW Winner 3 - 6th September 2010

A Natural Choice

A few facts about Barreau:
Growing up just five minutes away from where Lucien Freud used to live, Barreau enjoys watching the leaves turn brown and listening to Leonard Cohen. Her favourite advert is a 1960s Jeager advert because of its aesthetic appeal and hidden messages. The driven artists top painting tip is PVA Uni-bond and she thinks Morrisons is a splendid fish monger.
Part Of Today's Family Circle
As this year has progressed Eleanor Barreau has engaged in an investigation using advertisements to portray certain concepts and observations of my perception of the change that has occurred in the culture of western society, through the act of painting. The focal point of these observations was to reassess the representation of the ideal of the 2.4 family unit as well as gender roles within advertising in the past 60 years. 
Home To That Good Meal They Needed
Through the research that she has undertaken, either through readings of the psychology behind advertising or my own analysis of the source material that she has collected, it has become clear that the very subtle development and alterations within these adverts not only reflect a change in the Zeitgeist of an era but also the psychological influence adverts have had on this ideal. When Barreau first started this inquiry, evident in the first series, she was trying to reinterpret and subvert these saccharine advertisements to create humorous and subtle comments on the representation of this ideal. However, as the work has developed, she began to collage different adverts together to heighten the quixotic nature of advertisements.

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