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The exhibiting artists 'Artist of the Week: The Exhibition' are:
Akleria * Alyona Larinova * Dragana Jurisic * Helen Gorill

Friday, 22 October 2010

Alex Mazitelli: AoW number 1, 23rd August, 2010

A Few Facts About Mazitelli
Working under the motto, 'You won't know if you don't try', Apple Mac fan Mazzitellia is ambitious.  He grew up in a town lacking in creative venues and wishes to soon visit Berlin and Prague.

Dead Prrot In The Sky, 2010
Alex takes influence from everywhere; films, exhibitions, artists, books, design and fashion, even walking and seeing things in the streets.

What Junk You Got In The Trunk, 2010

Mazitelli feels strongly about challenging the accepted in order to stimulate and provoke people’s emotions. He enjoys watching viewers question what it is they are seeing, and why the things they are seeing are brought together in my sculptures and installations. His work hints at the figure as well as at the animal, combining both forms with found objects to relate the work back to the real world.
Mazitellis sculptures are made from found objects, recycled materials, taxidermy animals, plaster, wire, scrim, and laytex. I am always on the lookout for something interesting and unique to be used within my work. Each item I find, buy, or make is very important, the textures, colours, and materials all are taken into consideration. His recent body of work is metamorphosis or combination of animals, the human body and objects bring them all together to create fun but also curious and sometimes bizarre looking sculptures. He has also used himself in his sculptures, using casts of his body and taking photographs, making a performance piece into a film of himself as one of the sculptures.

Stuffed In Mouth, 2010
"Animals are living organisms that live along side humans, with the same rights to a good life, but once an animal is dead, its movement has stopped, and the function has gone, it is no longer alive. Therefore it is now another object to be recycled, why let it rot away when it is a beautiful object to look at and enjoy.  I use them in my work because I am interested in the way we see animals out of their natural habitat, and how they sit alongside the other objects I use within my work." Alex Maxitelli

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