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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Interview with the artist of the week - Miss Annabel Dee!

1-What excites you most about creating ceramic pieces?
I suppose its the fact that in the back of my mind, I think they're gonna be around a lot longer than an ephemeral photograph or piece of paper - you see alot of ceramics on the Antiques Roadshow don't you?  It's the idea that they can be enjoyed long after I'm gone - because I use photographs and illustrations to perhaps portray a story or an event, its nice to think these memories will live on. 

2-Are they ever intended to be fully functional?
Yes! They are fully glazed inside and out, so if you wanted to you could shove a bunch of flowers in there, or put them by your door as an umbrella stand perhaps?!  The function intended is decorative, but its up to your imagination how to use them!

3-How do you come up with your playful titles? 
Once I've decided on a theme, and usually after I've made the actual collection, I'll pick my mum, dad and boyfriend's brains and between us we always manage to come up with something which relates to the theme!  I like to use titles which are catchy and easy to remember.  With 'Slugs, Snails & Puppy dog Tails' I thought it was appropriate, because its an old traditional nursery rhyme about boys and girls and the surface decoration was suggesting how quickly children grow up

4-What value do you think your art offers the artworld?
I think there's alot of emotional attachment that comes with my work, because I use photographs they tend to evoke memories of certain eras etc which are relevant and affect everyone.  As I said before, my aim is to keep memories alive burnt into the surface of the ceramic forever, so to the owner, I'd think the vessel would be extremely valuable.

5-If you were a shape which would you be?
I think I’d have to be a crescent.. because I like sleeping, and that’s kinda a sleeping kinda shape…no?

6-Can you quickly list five words that rhyme with blind?
Orange rind
Phew, that was actually quite hard!

7-Name 3 artists whose work you find most captivating
Martin Parr – there’s just something about the colours and the subjects he uses, I love how the dreariness of the subjects just doesnt seem to matter and the photographs come alive!  I particularly like his seaside photos, maybe because I live by the sea and his 'Bored Couple' collection - brilliant!
David LaChapelle - I love the colours he uses, I love his sense of humour, all be it slightly dark, I heard somewhere that he actually builds all his sets in his New York studio, everything you see in the photograph is there - nothing is photoshopped in.
Barnaby Barford - He was one of my tutors at university, but I still find his ceramic pieces.. bizarre! But in a good way! 

8- Are there any particular songs that stimulate your creativity?
Hmm.. I wouldn't say any one song stimulates my creativity, but I do like listening to music while I work, especially whilst in the studio doing the manual stuff like slipcasting and glazing, it keeps me upbeat and keeps me going - I'll perhaps have a mix by Fake Blood on or if that gets a bit hectic I'll find something else I can (guilt free) sing along to.

9-What is your wish for tomorrow?
That it is as sunny as it was today and not rainy like it was yesterday.. and maybe a little bit warmer.  Oh! Or perhaps that some famous agent is reading this interview and thinks my work is amazing and snaps me up! Can dream ey?

10-Ask yourself a question and answer it....
Could 2011 be the year of miss annabel dee*

Good Luck to Annabel! 
Check out her website on

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