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The exhibiting artists 'Artist of the Week: The Exhibition' are:
Akleria * Alyona Larinova * Dragana Jurisic * Helen Gorill

Monday, 31 January 2011

Interview with 'Artist of The Week' Georgina Hoar...

1- Why art?...
Why not? :) ... Since a VERY young child I have been really into art.  My mum always says that the first things that she bought me as a child were pens and paper.

I've always been into craft, painting and photography! It is a great way to express yourself, if you feel words cannot be used. It is also a great way to enjoy yourself! If I’m not having fun, then I’m not creating a piece of art!

2- Will you travel to space?
Depends how far!! And if I can get there and afford to get there! *laughs* I'm quite good at asking for help, so I’d get there some how!
3- Yellow makes you feel…
It does, well certain types of yellow, like baby sick yellow!! *EW*
4- What is your biggest artistic challenge?
Doing my (half an) 'art car' last year. And this year I aim do a whole car… that will definitely be a challenge!

5- What can't you imagine?
I always can ;)
6- What is your most inspirational day of the week?
Sunday! My only day off! 
 7- Can you give 3 objects that come to mind with the word ‘delicate’
Feather, Leaf, Life.
 8- If you could be a fruit what would you be and why?
An Apple- shiny on the outside, sweet and sometimes sour on the inside! 

9- What causes artistic blocks? What do you do to solve them?
When you ask people to talk about your work, or to look at your work and describe it! (It makes me think too hard!) .. How do I solve them? Go home, relax, watch some TV, and start again for another day!!! 
10- What do you wish for tomorrow?
That my Triumph Spitfire passes its MOT so I can finally insure and tax it, and then get PAINTING! 

Good luck to Georgina and her artistic future!

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